Look around Busan with Bens Crew

Bens Crew members are university school students in Busan.

Ben (Hyeondong Lee)

Name : Hyeondong Lee(Ben)

From : Busan

Major : Metallic engineering and Business administration

Hobby : Break dance,Playing Violin,Riding skate board

Job : Tourist guide

I decide to start Busan Free tour 3 year ago after returning back from travels. Having seen similar tours there and noticed a lack of accessible walking tours in their home city. And I met many people who traveled Korea. But They didn't know about Korea and Busan. That's why I start free walking tour in Busan.

Jun (Junhan Lee)

Name : Junhan Lee

From : Tongyeong

Hobby : Travel, Riding a bike, Playing guitar, Listening Music, Eating good food

I am student of Pukyeong National university now. The more I live Busan, the more I think there are good and beautiful places. I have been a few countries of Asia, I really like to go abroad some where. Thinking that I travel place I don't know, I will be in your shoes and I will do the best that I can guide attractions of Busan to you guys Friendly!


Name : Nam Hyunkyung

From : Busan

Occupation : Pusan national university student

Hi, I am Nam Hyunkyung. I live in Busan and love Busan. I would like to show you Busan’s unique culture and make you love BUSAN!! I am interested in Foods so I can recommend you some of Busan’s Food and Korean Food!

My hobby is drawing, drinking tea, movies and music (not playing) :)

Limy (Suhyeon Kim)

Name : Suhyeon Kim (Limy)
Age : 23
From : Busan
School / Major : Dong-A university / International tourism 

Hello~ I'm Limy :)

Don't you want to know the hidden attractions of Busan?
then ~ Come on! Ben's tour can help it. 
We want to make you feel a wonderful day in Busan.
We always listen your taste and demand carefully.
If you want to enjoy it, do not worry . Call me ^^

Rita (Heejin Choi)

Name : Heejin Choi

From : Busan

School : Korea maritime and ocean university

Hello My name is heejin but you can also call me Rita.
I am a member of bens tour and Viewsan
Actually I am majoring in law but I have good experience with local tour and I love to meet new friends so I decided to join ben's tour!
Well, Busan where I live now has lots of memorable place and lovely people.
I hope you can enjoy busan with us

Bella (Hyeonjeong Yun)

Name : Hyeon Jeong Yun (Bella)

Age : 21

From : Busan

School / Major : Pukyong National University / Food and Nutrition

Living in Busan for 21 years, I thought that I would like to inform Busan. Because Busan is very Dynamic, Fresh, Fun!

Let's feel the Busan with me!

Jenny (Jisu Kang)

Hi I’m jisu-kang of BensTour! Just call me Jenny:)

 now I am majoring in Tourism management at PKNU in Busan

I Started this Amazing Job to try out working in tourism industry 

before I gradate. And my Hobby is Traveling and Learning Languages .

Recently I went to Taiwan and Took up Spanish. It’s so sort of tricky, Pero muy Interesante!

I hope to get along with many kind of people like you! For me, It is my pleasure to help you have fun in Dynamic Busan City   

Crystal (Sumin Jung)

Hello. I'm Sumin Jung of Benstour. Just call me Crystal.

I'm majoring in English language and literature now.

I'm good at taking a picture. So if you want to have nice pictures in Busan, why don't you tour with me?

I really hope to get along with you. It will be great for me and for you to tour in Dynamic Busan city!

Shinhee Kim

Name : Kim Shinhee
Age : 25
Nationality : South of Korea 
Hobby : Diet, Leaning english

Hello, Friends coming to Benstour~ I really nice to meet you. I'm majoring in Food&Nutrition. But I am interested in meeting foreigner friends having various culture. If you come to Benstour, you can't forget this trip :) Don't hasitate.

Jisoo Youn

Name : Jisoo Youn
From : Busan
Scool/Major : Donga university /Business Administration
I'm living in Busan for 23years so you can experience the real beauty of Busan with us. And I like meeting people. So I think I can build a good friendship with you. How about joining the Bens crew!

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